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Our proposal forms are now even better!

We’ve further enhanced our proposal forms and is all, just the very beginning of all of our aspirations and building blocks to the future.

As well as simplifying the insurance obtaining process, i.e. not having to print off a proposal form, complete with a pen in the majority - everything can be done in the browser, whether on a computer, laptop or mobile.

Currently, only the Umbrella Company proposal form is fully functioning - you can;

Complete the proposal form here.

If you are part way through, but there is something that you need to obtain, from a colleague for example - you can now save (there is a save button on each page as you go through, in the bottom right hand corner) where you will receive an email, with a dedicated link for you to pick back up on. When you select the link, you are directed to a special url, specific to you and your previously completed form. All previously entered details, will be automatically populated for you - genius! 👌thank you to Craig Dootson, at Service Care Solutions for the suggestion!

When you’ve fully completed the form, we at Jetsoms Ltd receive a snazzy looking proposal form in a PDF format, completed with the data. The form is time-stamped and signed by yourself. Upon us receiving the completed form, whereby we also receive any attachments you may also enclose (which are also, for peace of mind, fully-encrypted 🔐) a copy of the completed proposal form, is issued to you for your records.

We will then get to work on obtaining comprehensive insurance terms for you and revert accordingly.

We have other proposal forms in the pipeline, being as follows and where more will be added over time;

Recruitment Insurance proposal form, please see here - the form itself is fully functioning, but still working on the documentation side of it. You’re welcome to use in the meantime still, as we’ll still receive the details.

Domiciliary Care proposal form - this is yet to be started, so currently there is only a word version, which is here.

As of the 1st May 2023, this has now been done and can be found here.

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