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An update from Jetsoms Ltd

We are at that time again, another year has passed... it's been a crazy but exciting year.

We are at that time again, another year has passed... it's been a crazy but exciting year.

Jetsoms Ltd are now a year and a half old, its been a crazy and very exciting journey to which we are incredibly thankful to our clients for.

As a business, we have learnt a lot in the time that we’ve been established and being a privately owned, owner led business - we’re able to adapt as quickly as needed as we’re in control. I am extremely proud to state, that since we became established we convert in excess of 80% of our enquiries and from a renewal retention perspective to-date, have a 100% retention rate of our clients.

Words cannot express the gratitude that this brings me and are forever thankful to our clients 💖

We thrive on collaboration with our network and existing clients and believe that we excel in the service we provide to our existing and new clients. As a business, we’re big believers in the sense that people buy from people, not computers. That said, technology can assist with simplifying all of the headaches that are administrative tasks, aspects in which are important and need to be done, but are not income generating.

The insurance industry is getting there, but it will take time. There are innovators out there looking to change the entire insurance purchasing process and there are already some tech-backed brokers, who are on the right path and as such, a testiment to the fact, that change is coming.

There are lots of exciting things coming for 2024 from Jetsoms Ltd and we cannot wait to share these with you, so watch this space…

Jetsoms Ltd hope that all of our clients, partners and everyone in between, have a fantastic Christmas and new year - we hope that Santa brings you all that you asked for and we will speak with you soon!

We are contactable throughout the Christmas period by email when outside of the hours noted here on support@jetsoms.co.uk. If you’re a Recruitment, Umbrella or Domiciliary Care Business, our proposal forms can be completed here - if outside of these businesses, please email and we will send the appropriate forms for you. If you would prefer a call, please email and we will call you back.

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