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We've enhanced more of our proposal forms now

Further to our post some weeks back, which can be found here, we have now enhanced more of our proposal forms to simplify the insurance buying process for both our existing clients and prospective.

Keeping inline with our core, the following have been updated;

  1. Umbrella Company Insurance Proposal Form - this was the first proposal form that we generated, which helped build the foundations. The link for this, can be found here.

  2. We have finalised our Recruitment Insurance Proposal Form, which can be found here - we’ve already received some positive feedback on the ease that this brings. To view, this form can be found here.

  3. Domiciliary Care Insurance Proposal Form - whether a Domiciliary Care Agency, or Domiciliary Care Provider - we’ve now added a dynamic proposal form to our arsenal and can be found here.

All of the forms follow a similar path, you will be guided through a series of pages with some dynamic questions, with sub-questions where applicable. Should you start, but not have everything that you need, i.e. you need to check with your team regarding some financials, you can simply save by clicking the bottom right “save” button. The email address you input on page one, will pull through - if you are happy, submit and you will receive an email with a unique link where you can pick back up later.

When the form is fully completed, signing can be done in the browser (no need to print it off, think of those trees!! 🌳) and you just need to hit submit! We here at Jetsoms Ltd, will receive a submission of your completed form, which will be produced into a PDF and for your records, our automations will also email you a copy.

Albeit, we’re trying to simplify things - we are always at the end of the phone, on 01386 574988

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