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What is drivers negligence insurance?

So you work in the staffing sector, your chosen sector is logistics and you supply temporary drivers to third party clients who drive heavy goods vehicles or similar however, you’ve been asked to hold drivers negligence - but you’re unsure why, let us try and help.

The main purpose of drivers negligence insurance, is to cover damage caused to the vehicle, that the temporary worker you supplied, is driving and whereby that vehicle, is supplied by the end hirer (your client). Having this cover, protects your clients motor fleet policy, that they will have for their fleet of vehicles - in essence, if the damage is due to the negligence of the temporary worker, your insurance policy can pick it up, rather than theirs.

The drivers negligence insurance section of cover, is predominantly an extension to the public liability insurance and is offered, as an “option” via staffing sector relevant insurance policies. It isn’t something that is readily available via all insurers and only as part of specialist products.

There are limitations to the cover such as;

Limits generally available are £5,000 any one claim or £10,000 any one claim (both with either £30,000 or £50,000 aggregate limits) however, some insurers have further flexibility, i.e £25,000 any one claim with a £100,000 aggregate limit, but is on a case-by-case basis.

Cover applies to the vehicle only, cover to third parties vehicles, property damage and injury, is picked up by the end hirers motor fleet insurance.

Cover doesn’t apply to aspects such as wear and tear, or mechanical / electrical issues.

Cover doesn’t apply to any delays with goods being delivered.

We at Jetsoms Ltd, have access to all of the markets available so we can do the leg work for you - if you require this cover, reach out to us here or call the team on 01386 574988


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