Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vicarious Liability?

Vicarious Liability in its traditional form, is to cover the actions or omissions of an employee. This can vary between sectors, read our article specific to recruitment businesses under shortcuts in the navigation bar, and standard and non-standard contracts.

What is Contractual Liability?

Contractual Liability is where you are liable by contract, where you sign and/or agree to end-hirers terms of business.

What is drivers negligence insurance?

Drivers Negligence insurance is specific to the staffing sector and where cover can be provided for damages caused to the vehicle being driven by a temporary worker, due to the negligence of a worker where agreed for under contract. Read more under shortcuts above.

What is Waiver of Subrogation?

Waiver of subrogation is where under a contract, generally end hirers terms (non-standard) you waive your right (the insurers) to subrogate against losses.

What is Indemnity to Principles?

Indemnity to Principles is usually noted in contracts that you sign with third-parties. In short, it outlines that indemnity can be provided to a principle (usually an end client / customer) that is not the policyholder/insured.

What is the difference between fidelity bonding and fidelity guarantee?

Fidelity bonding is aimed at physical goods and associated with the public liability, whereas fidelity guarantee is generally aimed towards fraud and included under the professional indemnity.