HGV Insurance

More then ever, HGV drivers are in huge demand but it is paramount that you have the right insurance.

As we know, insurance can be a headache however we at Jetsoms Ltd, try to better this for you ensuring you have zero stress, comprehensive insurance and cost-effective premiums.

Driving a heavy goods vehicle comes with masses of responsibility, not only are they considerably heavier than an every day car but they are also much harder to manoeuvre which requires skill and knowledge, as well as experience.

Unfortunately, as good a driver as you may be - you cannot always factor in the actions of others, which subsequently, can lead to accidents - which is where insurance comes in. The type of cover you need will differ depending on a few different factors such as the type of HGV you are driving, the number of drivers where this applies and where you/they are driving to and from. We have collated snippets of information below, to try and assist however - we are always contactable, so do pop us an email if you need to.


Fleet insurance policies cover all of the vehicles you own and all the people you employ to drive these vehicles. It means that your employees are not bound to one vehicle, and they are insured on all of them to make your business more flexible with drivers and routes. It also means there is only one policy to deal with each year instead of one per vehicle, which can be a logistic nightmare.


Public liability insurance is incredibly important as it covers any compensation or legal fees related to any accidents caused by your business during its work. Defending yourself in court and paying compensations can be incredibly costly without this cover.


If your drivers frequently cross the border into Europe, you’ll need this cover to extend the insurance cover to those countries. If you don’t attain this cover and you are involved in an accident, you will not be covered for any financial or criminal fees and compensation.


Breakdowns strike when you least expect it, and this can massively impact your business operations when it comes to HGV’s. Ensure you have a breakdown cover so that in the case of a breakdown, you’ll have someone to call out for a tow or repair.