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Jetsoms Ltd have been voted "Most client focused Insurance Broker - West Midlands" 😁

Another award to add to our arsenal, we couldn't be happier!

Another award to add to our arsenal, we couldn't be happier!

You read that right, we’ve been voted “Most Client-Focused Commercial Insurance Broker – West Midlands”, in the UK Finance Awards 2023.

This award is a testiment to our client-centric approach and is one of the reasons, we’re proud to say that we to date, have retained 100% of our clients - long may this continue.

We will treasure this award and add to our collection, which includes the following - in case you forgot 😉

  1. “Best Recruitment & Staff Selection Company Insurance Broker - West Midlands” in the UK Finance Awards 2022, by SME News, post here.
  2. “Insurance Services Provider of the Year - 2023” by CorporateLiveWire in the Innovation & Excellence Awards - 2023
  3. “Best Commercial Insurance Broker 2023 - Worcestershire” in the UK Enterprise Awards 2023

As a business, we have lots of fantastic projects in the works which we hope to be able to share with you all soon.

Happy 2024 everyone! 🥳🎉


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